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Ed's Not Dead Podcast - Not Your Average Education Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Show Notes:

During today's show (a two-parter!), we talk with the legendary, the one and only, Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson about all things differentiation. During Part 1, we focus on the "big picture" of differentiated instruction:  

  • Inspiration for beginning research on differentiation...
  • Maintaining high expectations...

Apr 25, 2018

Show Notes:

During Part 2 of the MD PTA Diversity Conference, we feature the most important voices in our line of work: student advocates! With each of our student-guests, we discuss the gun control debate, the grassroots advocacy they are working on, and their future plans!

  • Matt Post (@mattlpost) - Sherwood HS;...

Apr 25, 2018

Show Notes:

During Part 1 of the MD PTA Diversity Conference, we feature a number of amazing guests to discuss how to engage more diverse viewpoints and families within a school's Parent-Teacher Association.

What is the vision for the MD PTA Diversity Conference?

How do we address the issues of racially, linguistically...

Apr 23, 2018

Show Notes:

During today's show, we discuss the following: 

  • Restructuring middle and high schools as they currently stand (departmentalization; interdisciplinary teams)
  • How has departmentalization impacted student achievement in secondary schools?

We end the episode with another outstanding, engaging and rigorous quiz...

Apr 10, 2018

During this super special episode extra of Ed's (Not) Dead, we endeavor upon an excellent interview with the principal and assistant principal of Minnetonka High School; Mr. Jeffrey Erickson and Mr. Robb Virgin (respectively).

Jeffrey and Robb have developed an effective and proactive way to support students throughout...